Returnable Packaging

At Planet Protective Packaging, we produce a wide range of returnable dunnage widely used in the automotive industry.

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Returnable Packaging

We complement our returnable dunnage with our expendable program, ideal for long haul shipments. By combining the two programs, not only do we set ourselves apart from the competition, but we also save our clients both money and time.

Returnable Packaging Features & Benefits

Planet Protectives returnable dunnage program is a cost effective and environmentally friendly shipping solution. Our returnables program is frequently complimented by our expendable dunnage programs, a combination particularly suited for long haul shipments. Our team is standing by to help create a custom solution to suit your shipping needs.

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The Planet Protective returnable dunnage program reduces shipping waste by creating sturdy, returnable packaging solutions. Products range from sewn textile dunnage to corrugated plastics and polyethylene foam.

Reusable dunnage is not only durable, lightweight and high-performing, it is also optimized for the efficient and stable handling of long haul freight. The high volume of parts, particularly in the automotive industry, is well suited for reusable dunnage.

At Planet Protective we can produce customized returnables such as foam, corrugated plastic, fabric, and corrugated fiberboard, which can be combined with our expandable program for the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

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Planet Protective Packaging™ is an emerging protective packaging supplier that has extensive programmes built on serving a broad range of industries and clients.

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WE use rapid prototyping with our Water Jet Cutting and Plotting Machines. This allows us to produce smaller quantities by eliminating Dies. Email us with your information and Planet Protective Packaging™ will be happy to work within your budgets.

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