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We work with the largest manufacturers in the global supply chain.

We offer consulting services for packaging solutions that protect your products from the damaging effects of moisture, static, pests, UV rays, and other contaminants. Whether you need to preserve items during long-term storage, or protect them during shipping, we can help you find the right solution.

Our team of experts:

  • • Evaluate each case thoroughly
  • • Identify needed components and materials
  • • Implement solutions based on research and specifications
  • • Test and confirm each project and execute according to plan

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Packaging as you need it – Pay for goods as you receive them. JIT clients know it’s on our warehouse floor and we offer same day delivery for key packaging components. Planet Protective Packaging will run 6-8 weeks of inventory for you and ship what you need when you need it. Daily, weekly, monthly. You get the full benefits of a full run quantity and eliminate lead times. Planet Protective Packaging can also guarantee next day delivery. 

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting allows us to produce packaging on demand without a cap on minimum quantities. Water Jet cutting eliminates the need for custom die’s and produces a clean smooth edge. Our multiple head machines can cut through a maximum thickness of 4 inches and does not create concavity.  Water Jet cutting can be used on foam, plastic and corrugated materials.

Packaging Design Services

Creating protective packaging solutions in-house, from concept to prototype, means fast turnaround times and easy revisions. More importantly, our vast database is full of proven, sound and rigorously-tested design principles that have repeatedly produced successful results for a broad range of clients.