Hand Assembly Packaging

We set the discipline that applies engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

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Hand Assembly Packaging

We do the labour at our Planet Protective plant so the client doesn’t have to. By choosing our hand assembled, pre-built packaging, you can save both time and money. Leave the messy work to the experts at Planet Protective Packaging to ensure that everything is done precisely how it needs to be. What you get is a product that is fully customized and ready to go.

Hand Assembly Packaging Features & Benefits

All our hand assembly products are assembled at our plant so clients are free to focus on the job at hand. By taking on the precise and finicky work of hand assembly Planet Protective saves its clients a lot of time and headaches. What we deliver is a pre-built product assembled to your specs. 

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Free up your labour pool and save big by leaving the finicky work of assembling our made-to-order packaging to the experts at Planet Protective Packaging. Our skilled team is not only proficient in hand assembly, but we also have the tools on site to make the process as seamless as possible.

Your custom ordered packaging will be hand assembled according to industry specifications making it both safe and sufficiently sturdy for the shipment of your valuable goods. Don’t take any chances, leave it to the pros at Planet Protective Packaging.

Our hand assembly team at Planet Protective Packaging has been trained in the art of assembly, from the cutting of corrugated pads and foam rails to assembly using glue or fixed placement.  When you order a hand assembled product you get packaging that is ready to use and requires no assembly at all.

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Planet Protective Packaging™ is an emerging protective packaging supplier that has extensive programmes built on serving a broad range of industries and clients.

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WE use rapid prototyping with our Water Jet Cutting and Plotting Machines. This allows us to produce smaller quantities by eliminating Dies. Email us with your information and Planet Protective Packaging™ will be happy to work within your budgets.

Planet Protective Packaging™ has 2 locations in Southern Ontario. Our head office is located near Toronto's Pearsons International Airport as well as another Facility in Vaughn.