Regular Corrugated

Regular Slotted Cartons are pre-cut and pre-creased corrugated sheets that are used for a wide range of products. Both ends of the RSC have four flaps that are of equal width. 

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Regular Corrugated

Our corrugated products provide increased cubic capacity, reduced product damage, improved product control and reduced loss. At Planet Protective Packaging, we are dedicated to creating the right solution for you, with the help of our in-house design, manufacturing and assembly teams.

Planet Protective’s corrugated products range from slotted carton, to die-cut carton and displays, corrugated pads and dividers and eco-friendly produce boxes.

Regular Corrugated Features & Benefits

Planet Protective Packaging’s corrugated products come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive product range, our in-house design team can produce custom solutions to suit your packaging needs. Most importantly, our corrugated products are made of recycled materials and can easily be recycled up to seven times.

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Our corrugated products offer affordable solutions for all your packaging needs. Choose from a wide range of corrugated products with customizable inserts and foam padding to protect your valuable goods during shipping.

When it comes to custom design solutions, Planet Protective is miles ahead of the competition. Our in-hour design team can help you create the perfect packaging solutions from prototype to finished product, while our 3-D visualization software enables you to see how all the pieces fit together. 

Corrugated boxes are the most recycled packaging material in North America. Recycling in turn dramatically reduces the use of new raw materials. The process is remarkably efficient, involving very few steps in the cycle before it is ready for reuse.

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Planet Protective Packaging™ is an emerging protective packaging supplier that has extensive programmes built on serving a broad range of industries and clients.

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WE use rapid prototyping with our Water Jet Cutting and Plotting Machines. This allows us to produce smaller quantities by eliminating Dies. Email us with your information and Planet Protective Packaging™ will be happy to work within your budgets.

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