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Our Corrugated Pallet

Planet Protective Packaging has designed a corrugated palette that is not only more environmentally friendly than the more commonly used wood pallets, given that it can be recycled up to seven times, but it can also hold up to 4000 pounds.

Planet Protective’s corrugated pallets are made from paperboard sheets, corrugated materials and other reinforced paper products. The advantages of our corrugated pallets go beyond environmental concerns. Our corrugated pallets are lightweight, customizable, hygienic  and very cost effective.  

Corrugated Pallet Features & Benefits

Planet Protective’s corrugated pallets are not only cost effective but also lightweight and durable. Our pallets are made entirely of reinforced paper goods and corrugated materials, and can hold up to 4000 pounds. Given that they are 100% recyclable, they are a superior solution to traditional wood pallets.

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Coming in at roughly a third of the weight of traditional wood pallets, our corrugated pallets will help you save on fuel, making them ideal for long haul shipments. Our pallets are reinforced with runners and a solid core making them as strong and reliable as wood pallets.

Our corrugated pallets are well suited to clean room environments and non-wet food applications. They are constructed using water-resistant adhesives and heavy-duty support cores as well as heat resistant paper that is moisture resistant.

Made primarily from recycled materials, our corrugated pallets are also 100% recyclable. The use of non-hazardous, biodegradable and water-resistant glues in the place of metal fasteners, enables our corrugated pallets to be easily recycled.

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