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We help organizations large and small with extensive products and services catered to the protective packaging business.

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WE are Planet Protective Packaging. Providing innovative protective packaging solutions for a number of key industries.

Planet Protective Packaging Inc. understands the expectations industry has of its packaging suppliers. We strive to be an extension of our customers’ work environment working closely with engineers and project managers to find solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.  With quick turnaround times on quotations and design as well as modeling and production, we help our clients save time so they can focus on part design and development.

Set-Up Boxes

Planet Protective Packaging’s set-up boxes feature a reinforced box with corner posts and a lid fastened to a corrugated pallet. This is a pre-built product custom made to suit our client’s needs. Depending on what your shipping needs are, our set-up boxes can be built with or without partitions to ensure that your product makes it to its destination in perfect condition.


Hand Assembly All our hand assembly products are assembled at our plant so clients are free to focus on the job at hand. By taking on the precise and finicky work of hand assembly Planet Protective saves its clients a lot of time and headaches. What we deliver is a pre-built product assembled to your specs. LEARN MORE

Regular Slotted Carton

Planet Protective Packaging’s corrugated products come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive product range, our in-house design team can produce custom solutions to suit your packaging needs. Most importantly, our corrugated products are made of recycled materials and can easily be recycled up to seven times. LEARN MORE


Foam Packaging

Our foam product range is manufactured with two types of foam padding depending on your shipping needs. Both our polyethylene foam (PE) and cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) are durable and can be precisely cut according to design specifications using our waterjet cutters. LEARN MORE



Packaging as you need it – Pay for goods as you receive them. JIT clients know it’s on our warehouse floor and we offer same day delivery for key packaging components. Planet Protective Packaging will run 6-8 weeks of inventory for you and ship what you need when you need it. Daily, weekly, monthly. You get the full benefits of a full run quantity and eliminate lead times. Planet Protective Packaging can also guarantee next day delivery. LEARN MORE

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting allows us to produce packaging on demand without a cap on minimum quantities. Water Jet cutting eliminates the need for custom die’s and produces a clean smooth edge. Our multiple head machines can cut through a maximum thickness of 4 inches and does not create concavity.  Water Jet cutting can be used on foam, plastic and corrugated materials. LEARN MORE

Packaging Design Services

Creating protective packaging solutions in-house, from concept to prototype, means fast turnaround times and easy revisions. More importantly, our vast database is full of proven, sound and rigorously-tested design principles that have repeatedly produced successful results for a broad range of clients. LEARN MORE