6 Top Packaging Trends in 2022

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting content, informing consumers of the product’s value, and marketing the product. Packaging trends are constantly evolving to enhance sales, respond to the realities of the day, and take advantage of technological advances. To ensure your packaging approach is effective in the future, it would be useful to consider the following packaging trends, which are expected to be dominant in 2022.

Pandemic Prepared Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the world over the past two years. It has posed significant challenges for supply chains as safety precautions took priority. Many companies had to rethink how they package their products to make them “Pandemic Prepared”. The concept of Pandemic Prepared emerged from the realization that existing packaging methods were ill-prepared to handle the disruptions of a global pandemic. The US-based AIB International introduced a Pandemic Prepared Certification to serve as a standard that communicates that businesses are putting customer and employee safety at the forefront. Pandemic prepared means that product packaging adheres to the highest safety standards, and this assures consumers that companies are committed to the highest safety standards.

Protective Packaging (Tamper-Evident Technology)

Protective packaging has traditionally been implemented in various products. However, the global pandemic highlighted the greater need for ensuring product safety. Consequently, more products are featuring tamper-evident seals and additional layers of protection. By employing tamper-evident technology when packaging products that did not historically require such measures, companies enhance consumer confidence in the safety of their purchases. While COVID-19 is the major driver for the widespread implementation of tamper-evident seals, this packaging design trend can be expected to continue in the post-pandemic world.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Packaging

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to take their packaging efforts to the next level; and augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) promise to do just that. In this implementation, technology is used to superimpose virtual information on the product packaging. Big brands such as Pizza Hut are using VR and AR to improve brand loyalty and attract more customers. As the technology costs decrease, more companies are using AR and VR to differentiate themselves from competitors and increase customer engagement.

Minimalistic Packaging

With millions of products screaming for the customer’s attention, less can be more. The minimalist packaging concept stands in direct opposition to the packaging trends that seek to grab consumers’ attention with loud colours and fancy designs. With minimalistic packaging, the design is simple and the boxes unassuming. The simplicity is a welcome relief from the colourful assaults consumers typically experience, making the packaging box more noticeable and appealing.

Vintage Packaging Design

Many companies are reverting to old designs to induce nostalgia and give their products a sense of credibility. Vintage packaging is a new marketing trend that seeks to remind consumers of a nostalgic past and subsequently use this emotional appeal to sell products. Additionally, the old packaging boxes’ designs communicate authenticity, garnering consumer confidence. Vintage packaging also appeals to the young generation who like how its unique aesthetic distinguishes it from modern packaging designs.

Showing the Product inside

A major packaging trend in 2022 is allowing consumers to view the whole product without having to open the packaging box. To achieve this, manufacturers can use a transparent material that allows the consumer to view the product inside. An alternative implementation is to provide an accurate and detailed image of the product on the packaging. The image is a realistic representation of what is inside, enabling the customer to know what to anticipate when he/she opens the packaging.

The trends highlighted above enable companies to develop packaging that enhances marketing and takes advantage of current conditions. You should consider these trends as you assess your company’s packaging needs.

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